We believe in sharing creative bliss not only with our customers, but also with those who are in need some love and light in their life. A percentage of our profits are directly donated to The Kawasaki Fund, a fund that supports families with children affected by Kawasaki Disease (KD). KD is a rare heart disease, often misdiagnosed due to its very common symptoms such as fevers, eye infections and rashes. But underneath these common symptoms this disease can actually cause inflammation in the arteries and especially damage the coronary arteries which supplies blood to the heart. This can cause permanent heart damage in the children who are affected.

The disease mainly affects children younger than five-years-old, and unfortunately 2% of the children that goes undiagnosed eventually die from the complications of coronary blood vessel inflammation. All of us at Nicolette Toddor’s Hats and Accessories are very proud to take part in The Kawasaki Fund’s mission to spread awareness and promote recovery in those who acquire this disease, because with early recognition this disease can be treated and full recovery can be expected for most children.

The work that The Kawasaki Fund do to support research and spread awareness is vital and could save many children’s lives. By educating parents and the public about the warning signs, we can avoid the disease escalating and causing permanent damage to the coronary arteries and heart in the children affected, and instead allow them to live a healthy normal life as adults.



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